About Shannon prieto.

Shannon is a mother to three beautiful children, Sionna, age 7, and Micah and Asa, age 3.  She is married to her husband and best friend of 15 years.  Shannon loves children, animals, nature, the forest, the river, and anything outdoors. She loves to do things that help the earth, and dreams of one day having a farm. 

Shannon is a multi-award winning photographer and has been published on MSNBC.  Her specialties range from photographing three day old newborns, to stars that are billions of years old, and everything in-between. Shannon loves to do things that make others feel good.  She believes in paying it forward, and treating people how she would want to be treated.  Because of this, she tends to establish lasting relationships with her clients, which is one of her favorite things about being a photographer.  

If you like looking at the world through Shannon's eyes, then please send her an email or call her to set up your session.